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Sonntag, 26. September 2021

Beginn: 20:00 Uhr | Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Alle Veranstaltungen | Neu im VVK | Live @ Halle

Preis VVK: 15,-€ zzgl. Geb

Veranstalter: Backstage Concerts GmbH



Die Veranstaltung muss aufgrund der Corona Pandemie und deren Folgen erneut verlegt werden.

Neuer Termin: 26.09.21 

Bereits gekaufte Tickets für die Shows vom 22.04.20 & 27.09.20 behalten ihre Gültigkeit für den neuen Termin. 


MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - a ski-mask wearing techno/rap/punk crew from Russia releases a new official music video for a track called “Out The Basement” from the upcoming album.


While MDB is known for breaking the musical boundaries, blending together various genres from metal to drum & bass, techno, EDM etc, the new track is bringing back more traditional punk rock guitar sound while not forgetting about the machine gun rap flow and a bit of dirty synth bass. As a result the fans get a classic example of the band’s self-invented “circle pit hip-hop”, made to turn any place from a festival site to your living room into a raging dance floor.


The track’s lyrics tell the story of the band from it’s first DIY shows in basements, forests and  commuter train cars, clashes with hate groups and police, riots and other experiences of the underground punk/rap act from Russia of the 00’s to huge tours, performances at some of the biggest world festivals and sold out shows.


Out The Basement is an energetic track supported by footage showing all the power of MDB live performances with large crowds slamming to the circle pit hip-hops beats, stage divers and the band’s own stage show, led by MDB’s crocodile mascot interacting with the audience. 


MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a techno/rap/punk band from Russia that plays “Circle Pit Hip-Hop”:  a unique and aggressive mix of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, steeped in graffiti and street culture and flavored with a positive social message against war, racism and other kinds of discrimination. The Band’s previous album “Boltcutter” was TOP 5 2018 bestselling albums in Coretex Store (one of the main stores for HC and Punk in EU). 

The band’s third studio album “BAD ACCENT ANTHEMS”  from Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound Records drops on April 10, 2020.


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