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Donnerstag, 17. März 2022

Beginn: 20:00 Uhr | Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Neu im VVK | Alle Veranstaltungen | Live @ Club

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Sortilège was born in 1981 from the ashes of Blood Wave… The band’s line-up was at the time: Christian “Zouille” Augustin (vocals), Stéphane “L'Anguille” Dumont and Didier “Dem” Demajean (Guitars), Daniel “Lapin” Lapp (Bass) and Jean-Philippe “Bob Snake” Dumont (Drums)… After performing numerous concerts in France especially supporting the famous Def Leppard in their hometown of Paris, Sortilège signed their very first recording contract with Dutch company, Rave-On Records. The first E.P. was then released and led very quickly to the debut album, Métamorphose, produced by Devil’s Records (Madrigal)... 

Sortilège was considered as the new sensation of the French metal scene of the "eighties" alongside with Attentat Rock, Satan Jokers, Vulcain and H-Bomb... The band performed in many European festivals culminating to the famous Breaking Sound Festival in Le Bourget (France) in August 1984.

1986 was the time for Sortilège to release their second studio album and latest album to date, Larmes de Héros… After that, the band experienced internal tensions which have put an end to a short but effective career which had nevertheless left a legacy…

Keep It True Festival 2019 in Germany: more than 30 years later, Sortilège made their come back with original singer, Christian “Zouille” Augustin! It was the beginning of a new story and a new era... 

2021: after two years of touring and some appearances in various festivals such as the famous 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise in 2020, the band is now definitely back with brand new releases and concerts planned… Stay tuned!


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